Poetry Claims Me by Mary Lou Meyers

Mary Lou is my “resident poet” and also my Douglass College Classmate. I love her poetry and here is one about poetry itself. The last line..”Framing the words that sustain me” are so true for writers, I think. Enjoy!

Since Mary Lou lives near Longwood Gardens, I thought I would post a picture from there.

I know now it’s not on a lark,
to slowly disembark,
or expectation of one prize or the other,
or even the intended book long in the waiting,
but like a sky hook saved me from reaping despair:
from the wildwood of youthful years;
the fractures in my life;
the deadwood of old age;
the iron resolve that corrodes
at the last stages
leaving me disengaged from life.
At times it haunts me like a melody;
at times it strikes the Divine Note
at other times, when I dance
around one chance subject or the other,
like an arrow it penetrates
so I can interject the targeted zone
without a honing device
with the light that puzzles in
framing the words that sustain me.

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