P.I.C. (Product Information Corner)

I have added a new item to Products & Services, items to recommend or review for your eating pleasure and health. This month I am featuring a snack bar from Lanabar, a pure organic food bar called Maya. There are several flavors. The two I like are the one flavored with chocolate and the one flavored with chili peppers. (the combination of chocolate and chilies is called mole, with an accent mark over the “o”.

The bars are made with organic dried fruit and nuts, organic cocoa, organic cacao, and organic flavors, such as orange.

On the back of the bar is this information: No added sugars. Free of dairy, soy, and gluten. The company also is committed to the use of Fair Trade Certified chocolate and organic ingredients, “doing our part to sustain the planet as well as the lives of farming families whose labor of love goes into every Maya bar.

For more information on these wonderful goodies, contact the company at: www.larabar.com or 1-877-LARABAR.

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