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While on vacation in California I purchased a bamboo cutting board to replace the regular wooden one that split after heavy usage. The small size (7 inches X 7 inches) makes it perfect for cutting garlic and small veggies, especially in my tiny kitchen.

The information on the front of the Totally Bamboo cutting board seems important enough to share. And since bamboo cuttingboards are available online, you might want to invest in one yourself. To repeat an old ad: Try it! You might like it! Bamboo….

1. is 16% harder than maple
2. has natural anti-microbial properties
3. will not dull knives
4. is easy to care for
5. is durable and uniquely beautiful.


In addition, and perhaps more important for me, the label stuck to the board at purchase states that bamboo is good for the environment because it is a sustainable and naturally renewable resource; is fast growing, harvestable in 5 years; organically grown without fertilizers or irrigation; and is a grass that generates more oxygen than trees.

These qualities make me very happy I purchased the bamboo cutting board. Their website is: www.totally bamboo.com. My board was priced at $10.00.

I also purchased a slightly larger one to replace the plastic board that just cracked. Again I purchased wood. I like it better than plastic, even though I own some made of plastic. The second cutting board by Epicurean is also wood, but does not give the type of wood. The information sheet states: “Epicurean Cutting Surfaces are commercial grade cutting surfaces ….made from an environmentally natural wood fiber that will last for years of use.” The pictures on the information sheet show eight features for their cutting boards:

1. Dishwasher safe (unlike bamboo)
2. Knife friendly (Will not dull your knife)
3. Has a hole & handle feature (for easy handling and hanging)
4. Approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (Non-porous, easy-to-clean, & will not harbor bacteria)
5. Maintenance free (require no oiling or bleaching)
6. Heat resistant (As much as 350 degrees F. or 175 degrees C., so boards can double as trivets)
7. Eco select-(Made from paper from trees harvested under guidelines of the N. Am. Sustainable Forestry Standards.)
8. Made in the U.S.A. and specifically designed to improve food preparation. *


* I don’t think the fact that it is made here will improve your food preparation, but I included it because it was part of the information sheet and thought putting the two together was funny. Does this mean that if the exact same item was made in China, it would not improve food preparation?

Anyway, I purchased this at Bed, Bath & Beyond and received a 20% discount on the $19.99 price.
P.S. I like the way the knife sounds on the board when I cut my veggies.

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