P.I.C. (Product Information Corner) – The KNORK: Dining on the Cutting Edge*


A few weeks ago I received an email about a new utensil called the knork. Now we all remember the spork, a spoon with fork tines, so you could spear and scoop at the same time. Well, with a knork, you need only one hand to cut medium hard items with the outside edge of the utensil. This means one less utensil at the table.

According to the literature I received, the young man who created the knork, Michael Miller, wanted to be polite about eating pizza without his hands and came up with the idea of a fork that also had (butter) knife capabilities. Thus, the knork was born! It is also useful for people with disabilities or a handicap, such as someone who has had a stroke and can use only one hand.

Here is what is written on the back of the box of knorks I received (direct quote):

The Knork is designed to provide the benefits of both a knife and fork together asone. Its innovative shape has a balanced handle that provides stability and comfort. This design enables you to more easily cut food by using a rocking motion on the gently curved outside tines. (The *”Dining on the Cutting Edge” is also part of their copy on the box.)

I received a sample of both the metal and plastic models. The metal knork works better, but the bright red plastic one is good for cutting many of the same foods as the metal knork. I just feel metal is stronger. The metal knork is 100% forged 18/10 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

To learn more about this new utensil, go to www.knork.net and order some for yourself. And just for the fun of it, go to my This ‘n That to read my poem about eating a knish with a knork.

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