P.I.C. Organic Kasha

My choice this month for the P.I.C. (Product Information Corner) has long been one of my favorite foods, only now it is also available organically.


Kasha (See Glossary) is usually listed as a grain. However, I learned some time ago that kasha is actually not a grain, but a seed, which means it is gluten-free and possibly suitable for people allergic to wheat, oats, rye, and barley, the four glutinous grains. (More on gluten free in a future special report.) Then, recently, I discovered a new, organic version of Pocono brand kasha labeled: Pocono Kasha: Organic Roasted Buckwheat Groats.

So now I can enjoy my favorite kasha recipes (See Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes for my Kasha Pilaf) and know I am also able to find this favorite food organically grown. As the front of the box notes, Pocono Kasha is not only organic, but also low in fat, low in sodium, and gluten free. How good is that?

Kasha can be used as a breakfast cereal and also as an ingredient in casseroles, soups, stews, and any place you would use rice. (Basic directions as well as those for kasha pilaf and cereal are on the box.) It has a hearty taste and cooks up quicker than rice. If you have ever tried buckwheat pancakes or buckwheat honey, you will know the flavor of buckwheat is unique and distinctive.

Thus, it is a favorite of mine for many reasons, including its role as a comfort food from my childhood, when my mother would make kasha varnishkes (kasha and bowtie noodles). So try this Eastern European seed/grain and enjoy The Good Taste of Health, the motto I use for cooking classes.

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