Philosophy Behind Nobody Eats Like Me

Note: I thought that this lovely painting by one of my favorite artists, Mary Cassatt, would set the mood for my philosophy.

Mary Cassatt’s Woman Reading (oil on canvas,
23-1/2 inches) is exhibited at the Joslyn
Art Museum
in Omaha, Nebraska.

The concept behind this blog is to share with you the techniques and tips and ideas I have gleaned after almost 40 years of seeking and practicing a healthy lifestyle. I attended the first Earth Day in 1970, and became aware that eating lower on the food chain is a great way to manage your health and the health of the planet.

Soon after, in my first yoga class when I was 32, I learned about vegetarianism, and on my own I also learned about the dangers of sugar.  That was the beginning, and I am still searching for ways to stay healthy as I live lively in my 7th decade on the planet.

When I became a vegetarian in the mid 1970s, at the time I had no idea my change in diet would become a way of life for my family and me. In fact, I first became a vegetarian to save money on food bills without sacrificing health. Everything else evolved “organically.”

Eventually I developed a way of life that became routine and did not have to think about everything I ate, because eating healthier became a habit. Since my diet led the way for a healthier lifestyle, I thought I would list what I consider the cornerstones of good health, based on the literature from Natural Hygiene, a philosophy I will explain in more detail in the future.

Basically, for me, good health is more than just freedom from dis-ease. Good health involves drinking pure water, getting natural sunshine in small amounts but not between 11 a.m. and 3 pm in the summer, enjoying fresh air, engaging in exercise balanced with rest/relaxation, freedom from too much stress, unsprayed or organic foods with as little processing as possible, and eating a variety of foods in simple combinations in moderate amounts. Sounds like your 6th grade health class; it really isn’t rocket science. What is difficult is that our lives are often so busy that we compromise on the food, the exercise gets pushed aside, we are stressed on our jobs, and soon we find ourselves following a lifestyle that does not support a healthy body.

I hope my food diary with inserts on my exercise and other activities will help you design a healthier way of life.  Please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions. We are all still learning. No matter how old I am, I still want to learn. The idea of lifelong learning is what keeps our brains functioning, our bodies moving, and our hearts expanding.

Finally, you should know that I love to eat, I love to shop, I don’t consider cooking a bore or a chore, I even enjoy cleaning out the ‘frig. I have embraced the idea of staying healthy as an ongoing search and goal. Please join me wherever you are eating on the food chain and help yourself to better health. Take what works and think about making gradual changes to improve your eating, sleeping, exercise, and general lifestyle habits. Your body will love you for it!

Important Note: As you read the daily menus, you can start to gather your basic pantry/frig/freezer items. If you read something I make and don’t have one of the items, for ex. lentil sprouts, feel free to substitute or  leave out. Since sprouting is one of the important parts of my daily diet, you may want to consider growing your own or purchasing them in the food store. There may not be lentil sprouts, but there may be something close, like crunchy sprouts. (I will feature sprouts in another posting/category soon.) Be creative, improvise, or substitute. This is not a test, just a suggestion of a healthier way to eat. Also, feel free to add animal sources of protein if you are not a vegetarian. I am not on a soap box for meatless menus, just eating better with the Good taste of Health.

♥ Joyful Eating!♥


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