Philadelphia Flower Show: Early Signs of Spring



My husband and I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention Center earlier this month. I was disappointed in the large displays by regional landscapers and garden centers because the flowers looked “posed,” that is, placed just so as in a movie set. So I did not take many photos of those displays.


However, the flowers and plants that were displayed for prizes were lovely. So here is a little taste of what spring will bring in the northeast. They may already be blooming in the south and west, but for me, the flower show is the first time I will see spring plants and flowers in bloom.  However, I did spot a crocus the other day, so spring is definitely on its way! (Here is proof of Spring with a photo the other day of crocuses—outside.)




I loved these flowers because of their color and unusual beauty!


There were several miniature rock gardens that I liked. Here is just one:


 I thought this plant was spectacular!


Perhaps the nicest addition was a large train track in the middle of the show with trains going around the oval, and the rest of the area dotted with plants and a miniature town. You can see by the number of people around the track that this was a popular highlight.

Sometimes I am disappointed in the displays at the flower show, but it is a spectacular event in that so much effort is put into creating it. The fact that I was disappointed does not mean this flower show was a bust, just not one of my favorites.

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