Yesterday, before the storm, we went to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show, hoping not to be disappointed as we were last year, with its British theme. We were not disappointed. The Philadelphia Horticulture Society ( partnered with art museums in the area to create a lovely blending of flowers and art. Here are some photos from the show.

These flowers were high up at the entrance to the flower show.


Flower “balls” of different colors flanked the entrance to the Flower Show.

This display of natural greenery was part of the Brandywine Museum’s “Best in Show” exhibit, which was very large. There was also a painting by Jamie Wyeth and another by an unnamed Wyeth. The display was mostly trees and greenery with this old wagon and even though it was not floral, you could feel the outdoors around the museum, which is in Brandywine, not too far from where we live.


This was part of a display emulating Kandinsky. The frame was actual several feet in front of the flowers,
but by standing in front of the frame, the flowers appeared to be framed.

There was a large display of jewelry and pictures made from plant materials. The red one above is inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s art.


More photos in a couple of days…….

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