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May 28 at 11:03 AM
Oceana, Protecting the World's Oceans

Princess Angeline (J17), a matriarch and grandmother of the critically endangered Southern Resident orca J pod is struggling to survive. She’s so emaciated that her head has become disfigured and misshapen. She’s starving to death.

We recently celebrated Mother’s Day, which served as a poignant reminder of the vital role that mothers and grandmothers play in our human family structures. For Southern Resident orcas, mothers and grandmothers are even more important.

Princess Angeline is the glue that holds her whole family together. She is a leader of the pod and an experienced and knowledgeable hunter, taking on much of the hunting responsibility. Losing her now can have a ripple effect that will devastate a pod already suffering.

Right now, more animals like Princess Angeline are threatened with extinction than any other period in human history. Your support can make a real difference.

We’re running an urgent campaign to raise $30,000 by May 31 to support our ongoing work to save critically endangered Southern Resident orcas like Princess Angeline from extinction and our oceans. Please, renew your membership with a gift of $10 before it’s too late >>

Help Save Starving Orcas

We know why these orcas are starving to death: There’s not enough Chinook salmon.

Southern Resident orcas depend on Chinook salmon, and like the orcas, some Chinook are also at risk of extinction. Many Chinook populations are just a small fraction of their once healthy levels. Lack of salmon, paired with increased toxins, vessel noise and disturbance, have created a deadly trifecta of threats pushing critically endangered Southern Resident orcas to the brink of extinction.

As the UN report reveals, people’s destructive practices are driving species like Southern Resident orcas and Chinook salmon to extinction in a deadly cycle. But it’s not too late.

We have a plan to help save these orcas. Oceana is working tirelessly with stakeholders in the Pacific Northwest and advocating for robust and immediate action to restore Chinook salmon habitat, a critical step in helping these valuable fish and orcas recover.

We’re also fighting tooth and nail to save vital protections granted to critically endangered Southern Resident orcas, Chinook salmon and the ecosystems they depend on through the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – which is under attack from the Trump administration and Congress right now.

We won’t stop now – but we can’t keep up our momentum without you, ellen sue.

Renew your 2019 Oceana membership with a gift of $10 or more now to support Oceana’s work to save starving Southern Resident orcas and our oceans – There’s still time to prevent this tragedy and your support will make a real difference >>

Princess Angeline could die from emaciation by summer. If ever there was a time to pitch in, this is it. The time to act is now.

Halley Jensen
For the oceans,
Halley Jensen
Senior Digital Strategist

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