Pesto + Mustard = Pestard


Quite by accident, I discovered that by joining two of my favorite food items, I could get a terrific flavor.  I was making a sandwich for the road & put on some mustard. (I never use ketchup.)  It still felt blah, so I added some homemade pesto, and boy, did that wake up my taste buds! So now I have a new condiment: Pestard.  Since I don’t make my pesto with cheese, this is also vegan. And if you are allergic to nuts, just use the basil, olive oil,  and garlic. Or substitute sunflower seeds for the pine nuts or walnuts.

To see my walnut pesto recipe & You Tube video for making pesto, click on this:

Here’s the basic recipe with just basil, olive, & garlic that I used with the mustard. Since mustard has salt, I even left out the salt in the pesto.


Quik Pestard: Buy your favorite pesto and favorite mustard. Mix 2 parts pesto with one part mustard.

Home Made Pestard© (without pine nuts or parmesan cheese)


This is grilled summer squashes & red onion with Pestard topping.

(I washed & sliced three unsprayed summer squashes (yellow, almost white & green), tossed them with olive oil and baked for about 10 minutes & then put oven on broil for about 5 minutes. Added Pestard© and Presto! a great summer side dish.)

Utensils: Blender of food processor, small coffee/spice grinder, cutting board & knife, small bowl, jar for storage
Prep. Time: About 20 minutes
Cooking Time: None
Categories: Vegan, gluten free, no sugar added to basic recipe


one (packed) cup fresh basil leaves, washed (Small stems on leaves ok, but not main stems (save for soup stock)
1/2 cup (organic), virgin olive oil
1-2 garlic cloves, peeled & cut into smaller pieces

2 T. ground mustard seeds
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2- 1 T. (champagne) vinegar


1. For the pesto, place the three ingredients—basil leaves, olive oil, garlic—and blend until smooth. Place in small bowl.
2. For the mustard, grind the seeds in a nut mill or use a food processor. Add salt, vinegar and enough water to make a paste.

In another bowl, mix the two together, adding the mustard a little at a time to see if the proportions are to your taste buds. I usually use 2 parts pest to one part mustard.

Variations: Feel free to add nuts and/or parmesan to your pesto. Also, if you like a particular mustard, such as honey mustard, feel free to use that instead of mustard seeds or add a little honey to your ground seeds.

Other ideas for pestard©: Spoon over grilled asparagus or any grilled veggie, add a couple spoonfuls to soup, use in place of mustard or mayo on sandwiches, toss with cooked potatoes or as a topping on baked potatoes. Wherever you might use pesto, try pestard©!

2 thoughts on “Pesto + Mustard = Pestard

  1. Sounds wonderful! But I think I’ll call it “Mesto” :)

    Have a great day, ES! hugs, -sylvia

  2. Sounds good, my daughter does a great deal with Pesto, I’ve had to acquire a taste for it. Keep the healthful recipes coming

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