My article on Paulette Bensignor’s Work in Newsworks

This past summer I visited the Great Bay Art Ballery in Sommers Pt., NJ, where my laundry exhibited was held the summer before. I reviewed Paulette’s Bensignor’s wonderful landscapes for Newsworks, a division of WHYY. Here is the link to my article, which appeared a couple of days ago.

Be sure to click on the slide show. The arrow is in the left-hand corner of the first photo. Also, if you click on Paulette’s name in my article, a video of her work can be seen.

Here is one of the slides. Bensignor’s work is quite amazing!

3 Responses to “My article on Paulette Bensignor’s Work in Newsworks”

  1. Paula Says:

    Beautiful colors…… Thank you.

  2. Mary-Lou Meyers Says:

    when you describe our affinity to the water, I have to think about the poem I wrote, which you once
    printed, but I think describes very well the feelings we get certainly reflected in the paintings and photographs. I too spent many days on the New Jersey Shore. I remember when in late winter,
    my parents took us to Atlantic City and the boardwalk so we could breathe the ocean air,
    clearing our sinuses after accumulating congestion of one sort or the other during the winter months
    when we spent more time than usual indoors. I felt the same fascination and fear from the ocean waves
    especially during rip tide, when in order to get back to shore, we could not directly swim back
    but had to do it at an angle, but we learned our lessons about swimming in the ocean and being
    taken out or dragged in on a dangerous wave. I think this is reflected well in her exhibit.

  3. ellen sue spicer Says:

    THanx for your thoughts! ellensue

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