Paleo Harvest: A Cookbook by Nicole Bond, Part One

Reviewer’s Note: As a vegetarian for most of the last 40 plus years, I never thought I would be reviewing a Paleo cookbook. However, after first reviewing nutritional anthropologist Geoff Bond’s book, Paleo in a Nutshell, I knew I wanted to read his wife Nicole’s cookbook, Paleo Harvest. And for Earth Day postings next month, I plan to review Deadly Harvest, also by Geoff Bond. It seems like a perfect trilogy and I am learning a great deal from each book.



Because Geoff Bond noted in his first book that the Paleo diet is 75% fruits and vegetables, preferably organic and lightly cooked or processed, I realized my misgivings about Paleo were unfounded, and I could adapt the menu to my meatless diet and maybe flirt a little with fish occasionally, as my family doctor recommended.  But I digress……

Nicole’s cookbook includes more than recipes. The book begins with a quote in the Foreword that seems obvious, but needs to be stated: “Eating is a prime ingredient for survival. Eating right is a prime ingredient for a healthy life.” From this statement flows “The Bond Effect” concept that in order to comply with the second sentence, we need to feed ourselves the way Mother Nature intended us to eat so that our bodies aren’t stressed or diseased.

From this anthropological viewpoint, Nicole moves to kitchen practicalities: a list of basic ingredients, equipment, and of course, cooking techniques. The next eight chapters cover all the different kinds of recipes by categories, such as Sauces, Dressing, and Dips; Salads and Starters; Soups; (meatless) Vegetable Dishes; Meat, Seafood; and of course, sugar- free Desserts.  (I did not test any recipes using animals.)

Coincidentally, I am in the process of reducing my grains and beans, which are the foods that I rely on for protein and carbs, but they tend to raise my A 1C, so this cookbook came at exactly the right time, and I have made several of the recipes with successful results. And actually, I don’t believe in coincidences. The timing is right because I was ready to make some changes to my diet and wasn’t sure how to do it. So far, the two books I read have been very helpful and have become my guides.

The Paleo Harvest Cookbook by Nicole Bond is published by Bond Effect Publications in London and Cyprus. The cost varies, depending on where you buy, but none was over $20 for soft cover. There are 212 pages with more than 170 recipes, of which 135 are vegetarian. Yummy!

Part Two will feature some of the recipes I am testing with great delight! Here’s a preview photo of the blueberry muffins, which I make almost every week.




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