Two of my New Rhymes for Impending Fall

Summertime: Segue to Fall
Early Aug. 2022

The lush, green trees of summer fill me with delight;

Yet, I love the Fall so much better, a colorful sight!

Long summer days are tempting, I admit.

Nevertheless, I’d much rather sit

Among the trees as they turn to gold

Or even red before the cold.

So, I endure the hot summer sun,

Waiting for this season to be done.

Avoiding the heat and muggy weather,

Watching for falling leaves, light as a feather.

Then gathering the leaves as they fall to the ground,

A carpet of color with a delightfully crunchy sound.

For me, Fall is the season that yearly does enthrall,

As the leaves drop from trees, so graceful and tall.

Thus, as summertime sizzles with sunshine and heat,

I patiently wait for Mother Nature’s colorful, yearly treat!



Waiting for the Leaves to Turn*
Late August 2022

It’s the end of August and I’m waiting for the leaves to turn,
Impatient for Fall’s crispy colors do I daily yearn.

Summer’s absolutely fine, with leaves a deep, dark green,
But my heart aches for Autumn & its Flaming Foliage scene.

Each season owes its splendor to Mother Nature’s charm.
Alas, for me, only Autumn’s fascination really does disarm.

So here I sit, waiting anxiously for Summer to adjourn
And also waiting impatiently for  Autumn leaves to turn.

*Part of a line from John Grisham’s novel, Camino Winds
from Bantam Books, 2020.

Follow Up to Bee Smart Posting

Last Saturday was National Honeybee Day and we all know that bees are in big trouble. A few days before that I received my World Wildlife Fund Cooler Bag with honeybees all over the bag. I joined WWF for $16. The bag is made from recycled materials and is 4 1/8″ Wide, 6 3/4 ” Deep and 15 3/4 ” High.

I can put the bag in the fridge or freezer before shopping and bring home all my frozen or refrigerated items and know they are safe inside this lined cooler bag. It is colorful, useful, and made from recycled materials!

To receive your own cooler bag with a donation, contact

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