P.S. Pictures of Trees in Winter

Yesterday I posted information about trees, the Jewish holiday celebrating the trees, and information about the American Forests organization.

Early this morning I went down to the small gym in our condo to exercise. The main wall is a large picture window from which I can see all the trees in the back of the condo. The light was just skimming the tops of the trees and about 5 minutes after taking these photos, the sky went dark. But I wanted to capture the trees in the early morning light, which I did.

While I love the leaves of autumn, there is something starkly beautiful about bare trees in winter….and here are some photos to prove it!




6 thoughts on “P.S. Pictures of Trees in Winter

  1. Your beautiful photos inspired me to once again read Joyce Kilmer’s famous poem, “Trees.” Kilmer died one century ago, 1918, in battle during World War I. I am glad to have taken a moment to look at the trees you shared here, and think about Mr Kilmer and his contributions to the world. Thanks, Ellen Sue! -sylvia

  2. The trees in Winter are my favourite and here in County Durham (UK) this morning they are lightly dusted with snow which adds to their stark beauty

  3. Trees are ever fascinating to me, especially as my original name is Hazel,
    and in Celtic times, it was said to be punishable by death to cut down the sacred Hazel tree!
    I am surrounded by every shape, size, and kind of tree where I live. On my walks, I often notice
    how much lichen there is and how beautiful. I support the Arbor Day Foundation, which also plants thousands of trees, and the Nature Conservancy, which plants millions!! Nice photos, ES.

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