P.S. Additional Breast Cancer Link/Articles from Life Extension

These are the first leaves I picked from the ground when the leaves started turning.

After writing up the information just posted yesterday on cancer, I finished my latest issue of Life Extension magazine with three excellent articles on Breast Cancer.   The website is LifeExtension.com and the three articles are:

  1. “Stop the Breast Cancer Epidemic” –  pp. 7-16  from the Editor William Faloon
  2. “A Non-Hormone Approach to MENOPAUSE MANAGEMENT” –  pp. 29-35 with info on post-menopausal women
  3. “Melatonin: A Promising Protector Against Breast Cancer”  – pp. 60-65

When you reach the website, put in the name of an article (one at a time) and October 2018 and the article should come up.

I learned many new facts and information from these three articles, so you may want to go online to the digital version of the magazine and check them out.



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