P.I.C.: The Amnesty International Gift Catalog

In keeping with Human Rights Day and Amnesty International, I decided to post their gift catalog address and some pictures of gift items. There are so many good organizations selling gifts and this is just one. But your gift purchase will help prisoners of conscience, many of whom are women, so it’s a good choice, I think.

The website is: http://shop.amnestyusa.org/category/25945848821/1/Gift-Ideas.htm

Here are just a few of the items I liked:

AI#141GhggkhK3LStuffed giraffe from South Africa – $22 (I believe each one is $22)




Thoughts on Human Dignity and Freedom (Soft Cover) – $10.00


Chunky Cookbook: Vegetarian Main Dishes From Around the World $19.95


Amnesty International 2010 Calendar $13.99 (Or Daily Planner with same cover $12.95)



When you purchase from a non-profit such as AI, the gifts are often made by  local craftspeople so you are buying an international gift that helps both the person who made it and the goals of the organization.

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