OTTER LEGS: A Perfect Gift for Cold Weather

My Note: I met Carol while attending a family function of my younger brother’s granddaughter in St. Louis. Her idea was so terrific that I asked her to send me information and this is what she sent. (A perfect example of Necessity as the Mother of Invention.) Since Hanukkah comes on Thanksgiving and Christmas and Kwanza three weeks later, I thought an Early Bird review was warranted.

Product: OtterLegs
Company: OtterTrek, Inc.

Below is a photo of Carol in her OtterLegs, with her dog Jasper, mentioned in the first line of her “story.”

My dog Jasper and I walk twice daily. Only rain and excessive heat will stop us. Because we walk in the snow and bitter cold, I need the appropriate gear to keep warm. My closet is well stocked with mittens, gloves, hats, coats and boots. I use hand warmers and toe warmers, and I used to wear long underwear. I always found long underwear to be uncomfortable, minimally warm in frigid weather, and the donning and doffing process was a hassle.

What I thought I needed were polar fleece leg warmers that I could put on over my pants and easily remove after my walk, without having to undress or remove my shoes. An Internet search turned up nothing, so I decided to create my own. My product, OtterLegs, features Polartec and YKK separating zippers.

Having designed the product for walkers, I wasn’t thinking much about other possible uses, until my friend Angie pointed out that she could wear them under her tennis skirt in the winter. When she gets to the indoor court, she zips them off.  Many of the women she plays with liked the product ad bought them also.

Carol’s friend Angie unzipping her OtterLegs before playing tennis.


The two separate legs can also be zipped together and used as a stadium wrap or blanket. They are unisex, can be worn over pants, pantyhose, or bare legs. OtterLegs are ideal for commuting to and from work and will keep your legs warm and dry in the snow. Check out my website for diagrams and use instructions.


Here’s Carol with the two separate legs zipped together to use as a stadium wrap.

OtterLegs can be purchased at and shipping is free if you select US Postal Service and then Priority Mail as your shipping service.

2 thoughts on “OTTER LEGS: A Perfect Gift for Cold Weather

  1. Hi!
    I’m trying to find the website to a pair of Otter Legs.
    I play tennis with several ladies that already own a pair and several ladies that would like to buy a pair.
    Thanks for your help!!

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