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With all the summer produce beginning to show up in gardens & stores, you might want to consider the importance of organic foods. If you feel it is too expensive, start with what you eat the most, like berries and lettuce, for example. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the Organic Consumers Association. They have a weekly newsletter. Here is the link to the newsletter I just received: organic consumers,org/bytes/ob425.html. The newsletter covers the following issues:

1. GMO labeling

2.Grocery Manufacturers Association, which includes Monsanto

3.Problems with super-bugs that outwit antibiotics

Organic Consumers’ current campaigns include: Safeguard Organic Standards (SOS), Buying locally, organically, and fairly; Clothes for Change (GE Cotton, Fair Labor); School Food Program changes; Millions Against Monsanto and Clean Body Products.

This organization, along with the Environmental Working Group, have excellent campaigns to keep us abreast of what we need to do to live in a cleaner, safer world.

2 thoughts on “Organic Consumers Association

  1. Sounds like a good group to be part of. We have participated from time to time to enforce labeling
    in food, not to lower standards in organic food because after awhile “organic” labeling would mean
    little or nothing, and to prevent dangerous pesticides from being used routinely. We want our children
    to at least half a chance to be able to find clean safe food without going bankrupt. A small garden of any size even a container garden on a patio helps.

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