October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Plus reprint about Bees)

NOTE: While October is almost over, domestic violence is not, so this late message I just received is still important enough to have you read and sign if you agree with Representative from Arizona, Gabby Gifford. I just signed.

Giffords PAC

Guns and domestic violence are a deadly mix.

When a gun is present in a domestic violence situation, a woman is 5 times more likely to be killed. And many people don’t know this, but one of the sad realities of gun violence in America is that in the vast majority of mass shootings the perpetrator targets an intimate partner or family member, and that almost two-thirds of the victims are women and children.

We don’t have to agree about everything, but I think we can agree on this: dangerous people with guns are a threat to women — criminals with guns, abusers with guns, stalkers with guns. That makes gun violence a women’s issue.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and with Congress returning to Capitol Hill, help me send a message that we need them to find the courage to take on the gun lobby and to keep women safe from gun violence:

Sign my petition: tell Congress to pass legislation that will make it harder for stalkers and domestic abusers to get their hands on guns.

We’ve won a number of important protections for women and families in states across the country, but this is a national epidemic. Thank you for adding your name and making your voice heard on this important issue.

All my best,
Gabby Giffords



Reprint about the Bees: Earlier this month I posted “Good News About the Bees,” not realizing it was such a big document that it bled into the right hand margin so much that it became unreadable. For more information go to: 
earth justice.org/bees and you will find lots of updates on bees and an opportunity to sign petitions.  Thanx! The website also has other helpfulinfo about Mother Earth. The picture below is muchlarger on their website.

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