OCTOBER 2014: Fall Fever!

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.”
Nathanial Hawthorne in PHL Inq. 9/29/14 (Cryptoquote)

I took this photo this past week-end at Laurel Hill Cemetery, which is a national landmark. For more pictures that I posted on the first day of autumn, go to my link: https://www.menupause.info/archives/14957

Once again we come to October, the month I wait for all year. Instead of getting Spring Fever, I get Fall Fever! (See poem below). But October has many important dates on the calendar to write about, from Breast Cancer Awareness Month to Halloween and World Vegetarian Day—- today.  Because all my recipes are meatless, I celebrate World Vegetarian Day everyday!

Hopefully, some of my recipes are tempting enough for you to try, even if you are not a vegetarian. Here is my photo of delicata squash I made as part of featuring round foods for the Jewish New Year, which is still being honored during the 10 Days of Awe between Rosh Hoshana at the end of September and Yom Kippor on Friday night, October 3rd.

The recipe will appear in a few days.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month with its pink ribbons is a controversial month for me, because the hype generated by some organizations does not address the root causes of many environmental cancers. Breast Cancer Action does, and more of that during the month. Here is their logo and website:  bcaction.org.

I spotted this tree-hugging ribbon last week while on a business trip about one hour from Philadelphia, which I suspected was for September’s Ovarian Cancer Month Awareness. And it was. Here is the website:

http://www.turnthetownsteal.org/.  The website is worth a look.


WORLD FOOD DAY Is Thurs. Oct. 16th. This video my friend Jackie sent me is worth looking at because it addresses food and the homeless:

This will touch your heart.  Please don’t miss it.


More on World Food Day mid-month. es

Halloween is also one of my favorite holidays because it comes in fall and I love getting dressed up in costume, although I have not done that for years. At the cemetery we visited over the week-end, there will be a Halloween tour at night when all the staff are in costume. Maybe I should dress up and go, too! Here is a photo from the entrance inside the gates:

Because of Jewish Holidays and Fall Fever (see poem below), I am a little behind in my research for October, so I will leave you with my rhyme and hope to get caught up before leaving for Seattle for a family function at the end of October. Fall always seems so busy!!!

Fall Fever

The leaves are barely turning, yet my fever has begun!
I feel October’s yearning, as I bask in the late-day sun.

Summer makes me sweaty; winter makes me whine.
Spring brings on a smile, but Fall Fever is divine.

My fever brings me pleasure, I’m eager every year
to enjoy autumn’s treasure, and when it’s gone—a tear.

Each season has its place, but my heart belongs to Fall.
A feeling I cannot cure, Fall Fever says it all!

(There was a quote by George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) in the Phila. Inq. the other day that reflects my feelings about fall …. if she were a bird, she “would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” My dream vacation is to travel down the East Coast from Canada to Tennessee, following flaming foliage all the way down!

I took this photo from the car last week to show how the leaves are just beginning to turn.

P.S. Last week Women’s Voices for Change published my article on divorce and when you know you made a mistake. Here’s the link: http://womensvoicesforchange.org/unhappy-together-part-1-locked-in-to-marriage.htm. If you have the chance, please read &leave a comment on the website.

Also, Deborah Harkins wrote a wonderful review of Gail Sheehy’s new autobiography. I read the book & found it riveting! Here’s the link to that review: http://womensvoicesforchange.org/book-review-the-venturesome-life-of-gail-sheehy.htm.
Currently, I am reading Sex & the Seasoned Woman by Sheehy & will comment on both soon.

P.P.S. October 9th is my 10th wedding anniversary to my second husband Alan, so I plan to have something to say about marriage the second time around. Naturally, I chose October for our wedding.

3 thoughts on “OCTOBER 2014: Fall Fever!

  1. Love your poem, more explicit I think than my “Autumnal Transparency.” I too love the Fall,
    and believe there is something native to our blood, in my case, just a touch of Native American
    from very long ago, but I have the desire to travel and have new experiences when the air itself
    is electrifying and filled with the perfume of Earth Giving scents. The last swim which I take in our pond even after the first killing frost is yet to transpire, the last tomato and squash, and soon the summer
    sun will moderate its brilliance and we will again be wearing flannel night gowns at night. I look
    forward to all these experiences because the heat can be overwhelming, and you must prepare for the cold, but autumn requires only a light jacket and a map to route out the perfect “leaf peeking’ you can
    find in the area. I’ll always remember New Hampshire when color was so commonplace, but people
    came from far away just to witness the spectacle.

  2. Nice post & pix. Yes, get costumed! You will think of something creative.
    Let me know if you are coming to S.C. mid-month.

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