October 2007: In Love with Fall


As long as autumn lasts, I shall not have hands, canvas and colors enough to paint the beautiful things I see. Vincent VanGough

Ah! October, my favorite month on the calendar, because it ushers in my favorite season: FALL. I know, I know, those who donâ€t like Fall because everything is dying will probably shake their heads in disbelief. But for me, I fall in love with Fall every Fall…the changing leaves with their jeweled tones, the brisk autumn air, the warm days and cool nights, the sparkling energy of the season. Itâ€s all here in October.

October also ushers in a change in menus, moving away from the lighter foods of summer to the denser foods of winter. This month I feature sandwiches in Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes. Sandwiches are great with a bowl of soup. (Check the Glossary for my soup recipes.) On warm days, it can be a chilled soup, but more likely, a warm soup and sandwich will be a basic lunch for me. I add a salad when the sandwich is lacking enough greens.

This month is also Breast Cancer Awareness month, so in the Special Reports, I include an article about thermograms as an alternative to mammograms, written by Dr. Pamela Howard, who administers the non-invasive thermogram that I have every year.

I am also including information about the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign under profiles. My good friend and colleague, Barb Jarmoska, was nominated by this organization, and Lifetime TV has accepted this nomination and chosen to honor Barb at a ceremony in Hollywood on October 13th. I wrote about Barbâ€s bicycle trip across the USA to raise breast cancer awareness under the August 2006 archived profile articles.

Feel free to check out the other categories for anything new, or for what you may have missed in the End of Summer 2007 posting. Your comments are always welcome. Finally, Fall is also good time to see where the year has been and what is left for you to accomplish. During the summer I completed my book, A Tale from Tarpiluvka (See Products and Services from the last posting.) and have had some wonderful feedback, even from my kid brother Harry, also a writer and a photography buff. The book is still available for $12 plus postage and makes a nice holiday gift for children ages 9-13.

This month’s photos come from various places. A recent trip with my husband to a garden in the heart of Philadelphia, Bartramâ€s Garden, yielded a few flowers still blooming at the end of September. The photos on the this page is from my webmaster Shayne. He sent me a few photos for my new backdrop for fall and I decided on pumpkins rather than leaves. (While I love the leaves of autumn, my website’s focus is on The Good Taste of Health, so I chose pumpkins, which are, after all, edible.) And in This ‘n That, I have a fall poem and two glorious trees from a trip to the Poconos.

Now, you can stop reading this posting and go outside and play
in the leaves! While they are not edible, they surely are gorgeous! Have a fantastic Fall with all its flaming foliage.

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