Nutritional Nuggets for July

Here are some Nutritional Nuggets that my new “interns” gathered for me. Thanx, Summer & River. (These are daughters of my friend Krista who are helping with health digest/nutritional nuggets. )

Salad I made from a recent Nutrition ActionMagazine. Waiting for permission to post it.

1. Low carb diets are unsustainable therefore many people on diets should drink more water. It is important to cut carbs, as well as fat and cut calories from sugars and white flour. It is also important to pick a diet you can complete. Source: Nutrition Action Healthletter, 1/16

2. Low Carb Diets Peel away the Pounds: Cutting carbs and or fat from foods such as pizza, French fries, burritos, lo mien, ice cream, doughnuts, popcorn, pastries and lasagna will help you lose weight. Nutrition Action Healthletter, 1/15

3.What to Eat: According to the OmniHeart and Dash studies, this diet contains vegetables, fruit, fiber, low sugars, low carbs and low saturated fat. Daily servings include vegetables and fruits, grains, low fat dairy, legumes and nuts, poultry, fish, lean meat, oils and fats, desserts and sweets, and a wild card of your choosing. Nutrition Action Healthletter, 1/15

4. Looking for Mr. Goodbug: Are probiotics worth taking? by David Schard. There are approximately 5001,000 species of microorganism located in the gut. The genus, species, and strain matter depending on the probiotics. It is important to only take a probiotic if necessary and to use caution. Nutrition Action Healthletter, 1/16

5. On Health (a pub. from of Consumer Reports) Products made with wholegrain flours reduce the risks for cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Brown rice, buckwheat, farro, millet, oats, and wheat berries, contain endosperm, and bran which provide a variety of phytonutrients and fiber. 5/16

6. Five Natural ways to Balance your Hormones by Valencia Porter: Although hormone replacement therapy has become verypopular and extremely useful for women, many are still looking for an alternative. Techniques worth exploring are eating broccoli,maintaining a healthy weight, including phytoestrogens in the diet, usage of herbal remedies, and deep breathing.
Journey into Healing 4/16

7. Stop the Fat Cycle by Marcus Phillips- Being overweight and or obese is recently recognized as a genuine disease condition due
to their complicated biology and impact on chronic disease and premature death. Restoring ailing fat cells using the flavonoid components of citrus fruit and guarana helps normalize cells and burn off excess fat. Life Extension, 6/15

8. Osteoporosis: Magnesium intake and bone mineral density are major factors in the development of osteoporosis. Pumpkin seeds rich in magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc improve bone health and the prevention osteoporosis. Pumpkin seed oil has shown its powerful antioxidant properties that might ease inflammation associated with arthritic symptoms, and a relief from bladder dysfunction, anxiety, and arthritis. Consider adding pumpkin seeds into your diet daily for a complete mental and physical health benefits.  Life Extension, 10/12

9. Sweat Smart by Gretchen Reynolds (Not sure which magazine; will fill in when I find it. es) New evidence has found that physical activity can forestall mental decline in aging brains with the incorporation of brain scans. The scans showed more grey matter compared with their peers in those parts of the brain related to memory and higher level thinking. More grey matter which consistsmostly of neurons is generally equated with greater brain health. 4/10/16

You’re never to old to exercise, even if it is doing it in a chair, or running, like this older women is doing.

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  1. Lois Says:

    This is a great post. Thanks.

  2. Mary-Lou Meyers Says:

    thanks again for keeping us on track, so many older women have resigned themselves to a sedentary
    life, and don’t spend the time balancing their diets. They can eat simple and smart without great preparation. In fact the simplest foods, the least cooked are generally better for you. Movement every
    day is an absolute essential, start your day early in the summer in order to avoid the hot sun, and
    then later in the evening. By adjusting your schedule, you can still get your exercise in every day.

  3. ellen sue spicer Says:

    Thanx for reading! ellensue

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