Nutritional Nugget for July 18th

Here’s an interesting nugget I am posting to appear while I am getting ready to go away to Calif. to visit my children.



Gene tests appeal to people who want to know they come from. The Weight Management Genetic Test may help you lose more weight, and appeals to those who live longer, healthier lives.

Taking the test can find genes or a combination that are linked to cancer,dementia, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, weight gain. Genetic test information is most useful in the context of a really good family health history.

My Note: Last year I signed up for a saliva test called 22 and Me, which tested my chromosomes and genetic background. My homeopathic practitioner, Hope, then used that information to prescribe specific supplements that supported any weaknesses in my genetic background.

2 thoughts on “Nutritional Nugget for July 18th

  1. Something I need to do to get info. on family history, especially for my son’s Usher’s. Have a great trip!

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