Nifty Shades of May

Azaleas are blooming all around the neighborhoods in pinks,
purples and whites, a spring delight!

Spring has sprung! Saturday was unseasonably warm and today (Sunday) is breezy and cloudy. Since I think spring has these fluctuations in temperature (climate change or not), I finally feel spring has arrived.

May is actually one of my favorite months, second only to October with its vibrant colors and brisk air. May’s colors are a little less vibrant, but beautiful in their ‘newness.’ Think about the color of Granny Smith Apples; the new leaves are that shade of green, and many of the flowers are in pastel shades mixed in with more vibrant reds and yellows.

These tulips from our condo grounds are not quite so intense as the majority in our neighborhood. I like their soft colors as much as the bright ones.

May is all about renewal, I think, as this year’s trees and flowers come back for the pollinators (more on bees & butterflies in a future posting) as well as for our appreciation of the beauty of all living things.

These tulips are more intense and in the background is a greenhouse.
The entire property has a tulip border. Spectacular!

May is also busy with “human” events, such as May Day (May 1st), Cinco de Maya (May 5th) LINK:—celebration-recipes/cinco-de-mayo-recipes, Mother’s Day (May 14th) and Memorial Day (May 29th), as well as National Mental Health Month, an important topic in my family’s history. May 29th is also the 100th anniversary of Pres. John F. Kennedy’s birth, so I may do some research on this special topic from this link:

Date of birth : 1917-05-29 – Date of death : 1963-11-22



May 26th is Blueberry Cheesecake Day and I may attempt to make one, although I don’t know that I have ever made a “natural” cheesecake, so this
will be my May food challenge.





I also plan to post something on fresh foods in wraps and the second Spring Soup with Asparagus mentioned at the end of April, which is part of my Earth Day, Every Day series that I will continue throughout the year.



Here is a salad wrapped in Nori Seaweed, the same seaweed used in
making sushi. I also make these using
a wrap created from coconut.






So, stay tuned and tell your friends about Menupause. Send in your comments and let me know if you have health topics you would like explored. My desire to share  food, environmental & health information is still strong and your comments help. I promise to check my Facebook Page and Twitter more often in case you have comments there, as well.


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