Natural Born Fatburners by Dr. George Redmond

Note: Almost all the post-menopausal women I know complain about weight gain after menopause. I gained about 7-10 pounds across my hips and lower abdomen, and despite my good diet and exercise plan, still haven’t lost it. This book may help all of us!


Natural Born Fatburners by Dr. George Redmond is a comprehensive guide to foods, supplements and diets that help you burn fat. The key word for me in doing this review is the word “comprehensive.” Dr. Redmond’s concern is that many of the products in the “weight-loss” market are unsafe for many people, so his book provides the reader with many alternatives that are healthful, not dangerous.

The book starts with helpful information about how food is our most prolific fatburner (Chapter One). He notes that researchers “know that by utilizing natural foods in various combinations you can recalibrate your body’s metabolic rate and become an interminable, never-ending fatburning machine.”

Each chapter tackles another avenue of learning about your body and how you can lose weight naturally through natural dietary aids, including exercise and supplements. The author draws on many, many researchers and experts in the field, so I believe he has done his homework on this topic. (It is almost like the master’s and Ph.D. theses that I have edited in its use of sources to emphasize the important issues in the book.)

Some of the highlights of the book include what is called “negative calorie foods,” which help to increase your basal metabolic rate and burn more fat while your body is at rest. The idea of burning more fat at rest is a new one for me and I find the idea quite interesting.

The choices are many, so you will want to read through all the chapters to find out which suggestions fit best with your lifestyle, or what lifestyle changes you are willing to make to use the suggestions. For example, on page 52, Dr. Redmond suggests an elimination/exchange plan in which you give up slowly the foods that all health books generally recommend eliminating: white bread and flour, chips and soda, hot dogs and cold cuts, sugar, alcohol, fast foods, etc. Then on the following page, the author lists 101 fat burning foods from fresh fruits & veggies to fish, to beans and peas, and whole grain noodles. These foods are enzymepacked (when fruits & veggies are not cooked) and fiber-rich fatburning foods.

Because there are so many options and suggestions, I took the book to my family doctor, a D.O. who practices complementary medicine, for advice He suggested a full spectrum blood test that will tell him if I am deficient in any of the nutrients listed in the supplement section. Then I can either take the supplements or check out my nutrition books to see which whole foods are high in those nutrients I need to lose the extra 7-10 pounds I gained during menopause.

The book is really comprehensive in its sweep and can be overwhelming if you think you have to try everything the author suggests. Find the ideas in the book that look workable for you and try them. The wide range of choices will give you more options than any other book I have seen on weight loss without harmful drugs.

Natural Born Fatburners is published by Square One Publishers and costs $14.95.



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