National Poetry Month & National Library Week

When I wrote the Home Page at the end of March, I did not realize this was national Poetry Month. And now that we are at the tail end of National Library Week, maybe you can do double duty and take a poetry book from the library.

I also wrote a little rhyme about Spring in honor of Poetry Month and also as part of my Earth Day, Every Day Hint: Flowers need the bees and the butterflies and birds to pollinate the flowers so they bloom every spring. I have posted several petitions about the problems with bee colonies dying and there are also issues with butterflies and birds. Feels like Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is on the wing!

Here is a link to an important article from the Organic Consumers Association about bees, butterflies, birds, etc. and the problems related to their survival that might be worth your reading time: The article discusses Genetically Modified Organisms:: GMOs are Killing Bees, Butterflies, Birds ??? Please click on the link and stay informed, because our own lives depend on the birds, bees, and butterflies.

Daffodil Daze


Daffodil Days are here!

The yellow blooms seek the yellow sun

Telling us that spring is in the air.

Winter’s gone, no snow to interfere

With my daffodil affliction…

Each year they push through winter’s cold,

beaming their trumpet faces, bright & bold.

Daffodil Daze— a delicious addiction.

Note: These are photos I took @ Longwood gardens.

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month & National Library Week

  1. the poem really got me in the Spring Mood. We have some Longwood Garden daffodils growing on our hillside, so the photos, the words really meant a great deal. Thinking of Wordsworth’s poem set to music, it really lights up the still opaque woods around.

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