National Nutrition Month

As an information junky, I cannot pass a booth or shelf that has free stuff. The other day, as we left the Saunders House, where my 100-year old mother-in-law resides, I picked up the first copy of their newsletter. The title was National Nutrition Month, March 2007, Volume I, Issue I, and there was a tiny logo that said:”Eat Smart: Stay Healthy” from the American Dietetic Association)

The lead article had these four topics gleaned from a website entitled (This is an abbreviated version, since this is a health “flash”.) ✔Check these out and see if they don’t make good eating sense!

✔ Develop an eating plan for lifelong health.
✔ Choose foods sensibly by looking at the big picture. (A single food or meal won’t break or make a healthful diet.)
✔ Find your balance between food and physical activity.
✔ Misinformation about food and nutrition can have harmful effects on your health and well-being, as well as your wallet. (In other words, obtain information from qualified people.)

Happy, healthy National Nutrition Month. Let’s work on making nutrition a part of every day, not just the focus of March!

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