National Grandparents Day: Reading Harold to Your Grandkid)s)

Sunday, September 10th is National Grandparents Day. If you go to, you will find resources for celebrating this day. But one of the best ways to celebrate is to read to your grandchildren. One book I would recommend for children 7-10 years of age or perhaps a bit younger, if you are reading aloud to them, is a new book called Harold by Sharon Rues and illustrated by Dwain Esper.

In this delightful book about a little girl and her teddy bear, we learn how the teddy bear becomes the little girl’s favorite companion, taking him everywhere, including trips to Paris, France, as well as Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, and also just to the market with her mom to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables.

One day, when back home chasing her sister Kimberly and Kimberly’s friend, she trips and hits her head hard and is rushed to the hospital, where the doctor puts four stitches on her forehead. The doctor also notices that Harold’s right ear is loose, because the little girl always carries him by his ear. With the little girl’s timid permission, the doctor also stitches Harold’s ear.

Hugging Harold after his ear is stitched with his soft body next to hers is a great comfort and ¬†helps wipe away the little girl’s tears from her accident. Now she and Harold are both mended and on their way to many more adventures.

The drawings by artist Dwain Esper are adorable, and combined with the short tale, the story is a perfect read aloud book for young children by aunts, uncles, teachers, parents, older siblings, and of course, grandparents!

Harold (24 pages, 9 in. x11 in.) is published by Author House and is available on as hard cover, soft cover, and kindle.
Check the website for buying offers.

One thought on “National Grandparents Day: Reading Harold to Your Grandkid)s)

  1. Nice review of Harold, ES.
    A heart-warming story and a good recommendation to grandparents.
    Am delighted to claim that the author is my daughter!
    She was a delightful child, just as the illustrations in this book show.

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