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On Monday WHYY’s posted an essay I wrote about my experience with  homelessness and hunger right here in Philadelphia. Here is the link:

Below are the first few lines and photo from the essay:

About a year ago I interviewed a woman who volunteers at a church-sponsored soup kitchen in Center City. The essay, “Women Who Serve,” was posted on Women’s Voices for Change, and gave me a more hopeful perspective on ending hunger. But seeing the homeless men stream through the dining area, eating with their coats on, was a reminder of one night in Chinatown, several years ago that left me feeling helpless.…..Click on link above to read my entire essay and leave a comment if you wish at the end of the essay.


l_l_l_chinatown-1-of-1Chinatown Photo on WHYY’s Newsworks website accompanying my essay.

5 thoughts on “My Essay in WHYY’s Online

  1. It is very sad that people are “on the street”. Society needs to address the problem. Have food available in more places. Unfortunatelly, some people refuse to go to a shelter. More people
    are being counted in the NYC homelesss census.

  2. Ellen Sue,
    As always, your writing reaches one’s heart and soul.
    This essay is a raw reminder that hunger and homelessness is
    A problem that we have yet to solve.

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