My Atkins Experience

My experience with Atkins started two weeks ago, after spending 2 weeks reading the new Atkins book that included a plan for vegetarians.

I found the diet hard to keep because there was so much dairy and not enough vegetables.  Less fruit was not as difficult as I had anticipated; however,I did not expect to to mind the small portions of green veggies as much as I did.

Now I am experimenting with my own low carb diet, avoiding potatoes, pasta and bread, even wheat free. (Of course, Passover came while I was on Atkins, so I have not been tempted to eat gluten-free bread either.)

My first bite of an apple last week was heaven! I am excluding very sweet fruits for now, except an occasional raisin taste.

I lost two pounds the week I was on Atkins, but the price was too high. I am hoping that my low carb program that I have designed will help me keep the 2 pounds off and lose another 3 or 4. Will keep you posted.

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