Mother’s Day Poem by Mary Lou Meyers

My classmate Mary Lou sent me a short, succinct poem for Mother’s Day.  Thanx, Mary Lou!

Note: My children live on the west coast, so the closest contact I have for Mother’s Day was my older daughter’s visit last week. Here we are with my husband @ King  George Inn in Bristol, PA. She is also a  mom, so it’s her day, too!


What is a Mother?

by Mary Lou Meyers

What is a Mother?

She’s the Overseer

and the Sergeant at Arms

with a multiplicity of charms.

She’s the Spinning Wheel

that never congeals,

and never stops feeling.

She’s the Sorter and the Player,

the Pray-er and the Conveyor.

When her children need action,

the source of traction

and infinite satisfaction.

A mother’s hug and kiss

unaccountable bliss!

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Poem by Mary Lou Meyers

  1. thanks for the center stage, thanks for engaging the public, thanks for spilling your guts,
    in the end, no matter what, I have found the buck stops here right in Mother’s Lap. Wonderful
    to see you so happy looking and fulfilling, and know God willing, you will continue
    for so many rely on your input everyday of their lives. I think of you often the role
    you are truly filling, and this summer I hope to grind out the final poetry of the Human-Anti-Trafficking
    Book of Poetry to penetrate those of us who still have myopic vision when it comes to the “child”
    on the street corner with nowhere to go. I’m trying to get real in this poetry of more than just
    feeling, but revealing.

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