Mother Nature’s Timing


Isn’t Mother Nature’s timing grand?
First the forsythia to lead the band.

Then the tulips & daffodils;

Seeing them blossom still gives me chills.

Next come the azaleas – light & bright,

Followed by rhododendrons, brilliant in sunlight.

And let’s not forget roses from Spring to Fall.

Each of these flowers is meant to enthrall

Bees & butterflies on the wing

Landing lightly to do their thing.

Ah! Mother Nature, right on time;
So this completes my flowery rhyme.

P.S. When we were in California, I missed the end of azalea time here, but in California were beautiful bougainvillea, almost the same pink as the pink azaleas, so once again Mother Nature’s timing was perfect– Mother’s Day & Mother Nature. Doubly perfect!

Notes: The forsythia photo is from a nursery website: The daffodils are from my photos of the Phila. Flower Show in March. The bee & butterfly are from a wonderful blog: by Cheryl, a wildlife gardener.




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  1. It’s always nice to get the postings. i enjoy the informaton and the oictures. Thanks for a lovely job.

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