Mind-Set by Mary Lou Meyers

Mary Lou is my classmate from Douglass College and is my “virtual” poet-in-residence. This poem is very thought-provoking! I’ve added photos of one of our patio window boxes and the “trees” on the patio to remind you to stay close to Mother Nature as much as possible.  Even a small patio garden provides pleasure and calmness.
I heard it said, but scarcely believe it,
we may have to become accustomed to the New Normal,
not for just awhile but because of steadily warming temperatures,
the fires in the Arctic, more viruses will spread their venom
while we must stay sequestered for Humanity’s sake.
How thwarted we are, our stock and trade
to be embraced and disarmed by the Human Face.
No longer separate seams united in a whole,
we need to separate dreams and hold beyond arm’s length
with no chance to cut to the chase.
The outside world is now out of our sphere
of influence somehow, somewhere.
Will our tongue become depressed and tentative
when we are re-introduced to society,
no longer tried and true reminders of how Life once was.
The template of Life can bend to your will.
Just digress for a moment, stillness is apropos,
time of the Pandemic, home alone.
But you can be anywhere you please,
It takes only a mind set.
Read their smiles out loud
till they give you what you need,
a suborning witness to a kiss
through the air of your despair.
For images are more real in isolation,
touch them, they’ll feel real,
push the lever of the turnstile
which brings you together with a smile.
Contentment lies as close as your undergarment
as it curves and folds with every part of your moving body.
You will be enfolded by a kind of bliss
that is not makeshift like most of your life.
How you drift from one phase to the other,
how you reveal to those you try to impress
with your thought process,
only feel a loss when you repress who you really are.  
Happiness is really a frame of mind,
it has its own set of wind chimes
which can overcome the lack-luster
or the pit-falls of Covid 19
as it does in any dreamscape
or the Divine Interlude of a moment in time.

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