Midlife Musings II*

I wrote this rhyme about two years after my divorce (Fall 1994).  The part about divorce is near the end of the rhyme, so please read to the end.


Midlife Musings II
Fall 1994

Movies for a quarter, dill pickles & egg creams,
45 records spinning & I’ll See You in My Dreams.

Bicycles just one-speed, Fibber Magee & Molly;
10 inch Black & White TV, my non-talking dolly.

French fries on the Boardwalk, Steel Pier feats of daring;
Swapping clothes & jewelry, a sisterly kind of sharing.

Pin clips in my stick-straight, Nair smeared above my lip.
Being cool in pegged pants & bucks, a 50s kind of sharing.

Hours on the telephone, kissing in the park;
Spin-the-bottle innocence, initials carved in bark.

Double feature movies, drive-ins with a date;
My mother hanging laundry; a key to fix my skate.

Woolen leggings, itchy; galoshes all in black.
Hand-me-downs from relatives; “Don’t step on the crack!”

Puzzles on the table; my father fixing cars;
Summers in the Catskills; dark nights filled with stars.

Stumbling through my childhood, armed with fork & knife;
Suddenly  I was grown, and someone else’s wife.

Giving birth to children, Oh, the labor pains;
Seeing them become adults, the joy is what remains.

Then giving birth to myself, after my divorce;
Labor pains twice as hard to chart a different course.

Mem’ries that I conjure and some that never fade.
Good with bad, they’re all mixed up, and that’s how LIFE is made!

* I wrote an earlier rhyme that I also called Midlife Musings, so now I will number them. This is Midlife Musings II.


2 thoughts on “Midlife Musings II*

  1. FABULOUS from start to finish!!

    Ellen Sue Spicer, I clap my hands and bow before your writer’s feet.

    The only thing missing on this page is your name. It belongs here.

    Send it to the New Yorker or a humble magazine. Send it around.

    It deserves a wider audience.


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