Michelle Obama & Saving the Bees

Note: Another goodie from my friend Honey. The bees are so important that any message about saving them is necessary for me to share.


Tell Michelle Obama to lead on protecting bees in the White House garden and beyond.

First lady Michelle Obama has done something extraordinary: she’s not only brought an organic garden to the White House, she’s also installed a hive of 70,000 bees — the first time one has ever graced the presidential home.

Like many backyard gardeners and beekeepers across the country, the first lady is doing her part to create a habitat for bees, which are essential pollinators for one out of three bites of food.

But as you’ve probably heard, bees are dying off around the world in record numbers.

Will you ask Michelle Obama to set an example for the nation by removing bee-killing pesticides from the White House gardens and urging the EPA and Congress to protect bees and other pollinators?

Beekeepers have reported record losses of 50-90 percent of their bees due to the global bee die-off known as Colony Collapse Disorder, and many farmers are facing shortages of bees needed to pollinate their crops.

A growing body of science is pointing to the world’s most popular class of pesticides called neonicotinoids (also called neonics), made by giant chemical companies Bayer and Syngenta, as the key factor in the global bee die-off crisis.

Mrs. Obama understands the importance of pesticide-free organic gardening and the importance of bees for the health of our food supply, our families and our planet.
But since many home garden plants and seeds are pre-treated with these pesticides, the first lady could be poisoning bees without even realizing it. 
Thankfully, Michelle Obama has the unique opportunity to lead on this issue, both by example in her own garden and by calling on Congress and the EPA to ban bee-killing pesticides.

Please ask Michelle to set an example for the nation by removing bee-killing pesticides from the White House gardens, urging the EPA to protect bees and calling on Congress to support the Save America’s Pollinators Act, recently introduced by Rep. John Conyers (D, Mich.) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D, Ore.).

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