Menopause Awareness Month: September 2014

When a friend sent me this photo of a PMS license, I saved it for the right posting. And since September is Menopause Awareness Month (The official website for Menopause Awareness month (MAM) is: and this website was created just for the purpose of exploring menopause and beyond (and maybe a little before), I decided to give it TOP BILLING.

Let’s see if we can’t make this go from PMS to PMZ (post-menopausal zest) 24/7!

A new book by Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD called The Hormone Cure, is focused on this month’s featured topic & I hope to review the book this month. I am still working on the summer topic of Healthy Aging.  There is so much on this topic that I will continue posting so long as the info keeps flowing.

While shopping at Wegmans food emporium in Jersey last week, I read their fall bulletin announcing that September is also National Organic Harvest Month, also called Organic Food Celebration Month….. a perfect opportunity for me to write about going organic. Feel free to check out the Organic Consumer’s Association wonderful website:, a terrific organization to keep you posted on this important topic. I will post some of the info from their website throughout the month, but for now, remember the number 9, which is the first number on the bar code in the market for organic produce. OR visit your local Farmers Market and find a booth that uses no sprays or is certified organic.

This photo of fall veggies is a reminder to aim for:

1) Eating locally-grown organic foods or unsprayed foods
2) Eating foods in season as much as possible
3) Adding more fresh fruits & veggies in season to your menus


Of course, September has some other important events, both sad and glad. The main sad one is September 11th, now called Patriot Day, but we all call is 9/11. I found a website with great info that I will post the day before. Here is a visual & website from the website in case you want to check it out yourself. (

The calendar in which I found Patriot Day also notes that Sept. 21st is International Day of Peace. I clicked on the link and found this info:
International Day of Peace seeks to promote peace among nations and peoples.  It was established by the United Nations in 1981.  In 2002, the United Nations declared it a permanent holiday.   Through education and public awareness events, the UN endeavors to strengthen the ideals of peace among all of the world’s inhabitants.  International Day of Peace is observed on September 21st each year.  On this day, the UN urges all hostilities to stop, worldwide.  This would be a good day to take note, since there has been so much fighting in Israel and in Afghanistan. Here’s the direct link:  International Day of Peace.

This might also be a good opportunity to take a few moments of silence and just say to yourself: Peace! Peace! Peace! On August 8th I went to a small group setting to watch the peace conference generated by Deepak Chopra as part of a Bright Star event in Toronto, Canada. It was called A Global Meditation for Peace and I found it inspirational. Here’s the link to learn more:

September is also the beginning of the Fall Jewish Holidays. And since these holidays are always linked to food in season, I plan to post some recipes using seasonal foods. Here is a photo of a dish I made which I call Curried Calico Carrots, because I found multi-colored carrots in Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s. Since I love to cook with color, these carrots were a riot of colors that brightened my recipe. I added green beans for contrast.

Curried Calico Carrots & Green Beans

September is officially still Summer, although Fall is ushered in on September 23rd. So while fall is right around the corner, don’t rush into it. You can still enjoy some summer activities, like bike riding, swimming, hiking, and picnics or barbeques. In fact, this month when the kids are back in school, is a perfect opportunity to have some time to yourself and friends for these activities. Here is a photo from my patio to show you how lush my plants are well into the end of summer. When I step outside, my first thought at seeing these deep red plants we bought for $1.00 each at the Philadelphia Horticultural Plant Center is the theme song title from MONK: “It’s Jungle Out There!”

P.S. Indian Summer as defined by Wikipedia:

An Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather, occurring after the end of summer proper.  Enjoy!!!

P.S. posted on 9/21/14- I forgot to note that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month & a turquoise ribbon is the color for this serious and deadly cancer. Here’s a link to learn more:

2 thoughts on “Menopause Awareness Month: September 2014

  1. Thanks for all the colorful information regarding eating local and pesticide free as much as possible,
    and how reflection of 9/11 becomes part of our back-to-school calendar and the Peace Efforts
    made by the United Nations which may have wonderful thoughts waves, but is unfortunately
    not as respected as it should be when it tries to Promote Peace especially in under-developed
    Nations, who cannot think beyond the next meal or the oppression they suffer.

  2. I enjoy your postings immensely! It is better than reading my nook! Love Mary-Lou’s poetry!
    Keep up the good work……where do you find the time? You have some tips on organizing
    ones time? Fondly, Rose Ann
    I hope you receive this as I am having difficulty with my computer, time to buy a new one!

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