Menopause Awareness Month & Hispanic Heritage Month

Since my website’s original focus was meant for older women who are about to or have experienced menopause, I wanted to acknowledge that it is Menopause Awareness Month. I wrote a rhyme several years ago that I never planned to post because there are what we used to call “dirty” words, but I think I will post it with * for some of the letters. I wrote this while going through divorce and menopause at the same time, a double whammy! (It was also the time of AIDS, not COVID.)


I wonder if they are laughing about hot flashes, or as my daughter called them, Power Surges!



(Penned at the first signs of menopause)

First I’m hot; then I’m cold.
Just a hot flash, or so I’m told.
My energy’s peaking; I’m exhausted & half-dead;
forget the f***ing; I’m tired, let’s go to bed.
I should be erotically grateful, I suppose;
without the condoms, sex won’t feel like a rubber hose.

Free at last to screw at will…..
or maybe I might try Bernie or Bill.
Oh, s**t! I forgot all about AIDS;
Just my luck; now no one gets laid!
Thirty-six years I’ve been on the rag;
my menses is going, but now my breasts sag.

I’ve lost the cramps, the headaches and the rest.
Is menopause my trade-off for PMS?
Not fair, I say, it’s a lousy trade!
If I were in charge, here’s what I’d have made:
Adam the woman and me the man.
The hell with penis envy;
it’s my hormones I can’t stand!

Oh me, Oh my, is there an end in sight?
If I meditate all day, will I ever be right?
The saga continues, day in & day out;
someday I’ll be free, of this I have no doubt.
Just a phase in my life…not a war or a cause.
Nothing is forever, not even menopause!



P.S. Sept 15-Oct. 15 is also Hispanic Heritage Month. My son-in-law is from El Salvador, so my grandson is half-Jewish and half Hispanic and he is gorgeous! (Of course I am biased.) I think mixing and matching heritages produces very interesting gene combinations! Let’s celebrate our diversity every day! Here’s a link for more info:

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