Memorial Day: A Day of Remembrance

Last night my husband and I watched the movie Battleground on Turner Classic Movies, a movie about the Battle of the Bulge, which Wikipedia notes was a major German offensive campaign in WWII that caught the Allies off guard and became the costliest battle, casualty-wise, for the US. But it also depleted the German resources and became the final offensive operation for the Germans.  Seeing the ravages of war made me realize that today is the day to reflect on our hard won freedoms and to thank all the soldiers of all the wars and conflicts, including the current ones, that saps the youth of our country.

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I am not in favor of reenacting battles as they do in Gettysburg or Williamsburg, because I think that glorifies war, but I do want to play tribute to those men and women who lost their limbs and/or their lives defending our country. So today take a few minutes to honor those who have died to protect us all.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day: A Day of Remembrance

  1. Es,

    Thoughtful. Counted up today. Had 7 family members in services in 40s and 50s. Dad in WWII in Germany saw one of the death camps (I have original photos) and was part of the liberation force. Spent most of his time there during the occupation, but did see combat. One was in Korean conflict. One was an AF surgeon and flew through a lot of the testing areas for atomic bomb in 50s, for which he paid in cancer
    which killed him.

    None lost to war, though one uncle had a severe wound and had to wear special shoe rest of life. 8 military including my ex-husband,
    who never saw combat either thankfully. First bro-in-law also in AF.

    Do not like the glorification of war and honoring those who died for our freedom now since we are not engaged in direct conflict.

    Heard recently that Morgan’s son (she worked in a couple of the health food stores here) lost both legs in Afghanistan two weeks ago.

    Am working on family photos these days, so fitting for M. Day. My dad was a handsome soldier in uniform, movie star quality! I think that was part of the glory–that and the camaraderie!


  2. Wow! Quite a line-up. I also dislike the glorification of war. One of my favorite movies about this is The Americanization of Emily, which was not very popular with many Americans because it showed the seamy side of war.
    Thanx for the comments. My photo exhibit is this Sun. Will put in another flyer.

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