May Flowers: A Welcome Sight! May 2015

Since I will be away from April 18th- May 5th, I am not posting much on the May Home Page. I post-dated a group of articles for the end of April, but ran out of time for this page. I am reposting two asparagus recipes for May 2nd.

However, while I am in California and Nevada, I hope to take pictures of flowers that bloom in Spring out West. If I have access to a computer, I can post them while I am there. If not, then I will do so when I return. Here are some May highlights:

May Day is May 1st, today.

May 10this Mother’s Day.

May 12th is both Kite Day & Limerick Day

May 13this Daffodil Day

May 15 is National Chocolate Chip Day

May 25th is Memorial Day and also National Tap Dance Day

May 29th is the birthday of Pres. John F. Kennedy, born in 1917

More importantly, for me, is that May is National Mental Health Month, and since depression seems to be prominent in my family, I have a special interest in the topic. While making plans to go to California in mid-April, I came across an article in the Jewish Exponent entitled The Stigma of Suicide and the Redemption of Speech by Rabbi Yosef Goldman from Center City Philadelphia. Rather than wait until I return from my trip, I am posting the link on the HomePage so you can read it and perhaps benefit from it by having a greater understanding mental health. Here is the blurb from Google:

  1. First Person: The Stigma of Suicide and the Redemption of ……/first-person-the-stigmThe Jewish Exponent

    “… First Person: The Stigma of Suicide and the Redemption of Speech … ” The stigma around mental illness and suicide in our society is entrenched. …

Hope to be back online in a few days.  Happy May Day!

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