May 2007: A Bevy of Blossoms

This is a snapshot of the Wall of Orchids at Longwood Gardens celebrating their annual orchid display in May. More flower pictures are sprinkled throughout the posting this month. Too pretty not to share.

May is one of my favorite months of the year for a couple of reasons. First, the blossoms on the trees and flowers on the ground are a visual delightful. Forsythia bushes, daffodils, dogwoods, azaleas, and tulips are dazzling to see, each one with its own beauty and allure. It’s as though they are all crying out, “Look at me! Look at me!”

I also like May because now the days are getting longer and warmer. On a recent walk with a neighbor, I met some women fixing the flowers in front of the post office and decided on the spot to join the beautification group in my community so I could spend more time playing with plants, whether it be weeding or putting in new flowers around the post office and other public areas. Now I can get down and dirty and have something to show for it. My herb garden is also beginning to show some promise, and hopefully there will be some herbal recipes in the summer blog.

Finally, I like May because the foods begin to change in the markets. There are the first berries of the season, asparagus and spring onions, and other produce that I may not have tasted all winter. (Of course, with produced being trucked and flown in from all over, the demarcation of seasons has blurred, but I still refuse to eat watermelon in January or apples in July when seasonal produce is so much better. However, Pierre DuPont did just that in his own hothouse garden which became Longwood Gardens.)

May is also National Osteoporosis Month. (I think we will run out of months before we run out of diseases!) So check out the review of Strong Women, Strong Bones in Reviews.. And in keeping with this theme, the recipes in Kitchen Nutrition with Recipes reflect the emphasis on calcium, Vitamin D, potassium, and other nutrients needed for strong bones.

Oh, yes, May is also the month of Mother’s Day, for which I have mixed feelings, since those of us who are mothers know we need more than one day to be acknowledged. But check out Profiles for something about someone special in my life that I hope you will enjoy.

Browse through the other categories to see what’s new in Products and Services and any other category you feel like taking a peek at, such as Peek to Pique for what’s coming up next. Posting in every category is my challenge, and you will notice that I sometimes keep a review or a health flash on the site for two months, either because it’s to important not to keep another month, or because I can’t get to all the categories every month.

Since I will be going away for two weeks at the end of May to visit my husband’s son Jay (my son-by-marriage, I call him) and my digital son Ira on the west coast and Nevada, I am considering combining June and July into one summer issue. If so, I will probably post it towards the end of June or early July.

In the meantime, enjoy the merry month of May in all its blossoming glory! The photos featured in this month’s posting in almost every category (I had too many not to share) I took on May 6th at Longwood Gardens// I featured several of the photos in This ‘n That, which I urge you to read. It is a wonderful story called The Daffodil Principle by my favorite author, Anonymous.

Better yet, check out the gardens in person all year ’round. If you are near Philadelphia, the trip is about one hour from Center City and well worth the drive. Spring is definitely in the air and all around at Longwood Gardens where the bevy of blossoms will dazzle your senses.

Tulip field at Longwood Gardens.

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