Mary Lou Meyers’ Poem about Longwood Gardens

I love Longwood gardens not too far from where we live. My classmate Mary Lou lived much closer. here is a poem about her recent visit with photos.

A magnificent tree at the beginning of the gardens.
Longwood Meadow in Summer Garb

The rapid pulse of flowers is almost overwhelming
down the formal brick walk we skip today,
where every bud bursts, past prime beheaded
in a timely manner, nothing left to chance
with seasonal raids and forays;
where riotous colors play havoc,
and it asks too much of the discerning eye
not to examine and touch as you go by,
the origin of bright exotic-looking plants.

We are seduced by the meadow composition
with Wyeth charm,
no armor here, color is freewheeling in its play
spinning sunshine like a color wheel.
An open vista as if an artist’s brush
has not seen fit to retouch,
but found perfection in the uninhibited landscape
only interrupted by the natural flow of stream or forest.

No conscripted flowers marching all in a row,
but a naked stand of unwrought beauty to command
folding in discretely in an ever-rising crescendo
of grass-inspired flashes of yellow,
brown-eyed Daisies touching down to the Hourglass Lake
with wild Iris bluets and damsel-lily
highlighted by the blue dasher dragonfly.

Even fish co-mingle, bewiskered cat fish,
blue-gills and bass and the occasional snapping turtle
ready to consume the creatures that don’t hide in time
like the frog, minute fish, and the damsel fly.
Fountains don’t erupt on schedule,
the meadow not evened out, but allowed
only the level trail that was once Route 52,
but now returned to a natural state,
imbued only with picturesque bridges
meandering to the stone house now a museum.

My son breaks the quietude:
”this is my favorite place at Long-wood,”
longs to climb the magnificent American Beech
with ladder-like branches, head to toe embracing
where light flows through its noble upright bearing
with a grace all its own to contemplate.

Mary Lou & her grandchildren with the meadow in the background.

3 Responses to “Mary Lou Meyers’ Poem about Longwood Gardens”

  1. Paula Says:

    Thank you for a vicarious view of Longwood. Perhaps one day I’ll experience this beauty in person.

  2. Lois Says:

    This is so lovely! I can just hear Mary Lou reciting this ode, and picture her pleasure. And can enjoy, vicariously, her joy. What a treat to live so close by! And what a blessing to be endowed with the ability to communicate all of this to others.

  3. ellen sue spicer Says:

    I agree! I emailed you that she is my favorite living poet. ellensue

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