Marvelous May: 2009


Forsooth! The forsythia are in bloom!

May is my second favorite month, with October and its Flaming Foliage my very favorite month. But May is a close second. And we all know that April showers bring May flowers. (However, April is not too shabby, either, as the photos on this Home Page taken in April demonstrate.)

May is also the month of Mother’s Day, and those of us over 50 fortunate to still have a mother know that this is only one day of many when mothers need praise. My mother-in-law, Lena, is 102 and still going strong, so I feel very fortunate. Since I have already profiled Lena, this month I feature my “young” friend Julie Drake, who is a nurse midwife at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Here she is with my daughter Basha (in the middle) and me on the far right. We were celebrating Julie’s birthday in January and also finishing our online interview in person.


At the end of May, I plan to do a sprouting presentation at The Wellness Center in Philadelphia, which is actually is Fairmount Park near where we live. The photo below is of the tree in front of their wonderful location in the park, a large house surrounded by foliage. I call it the wellness tree. What a great environment for work!


Recipes for May will include a Cinco de Mayo menu, a large salad with sprouts, of course, and other fresh foods that will be “sprouting” on the shelves of your local market and perhaps in your garden. If you are planning a garden, May seems to be the time to put your plants or seeds in the ground. Once again, I am planning an herbal garden in our patio window boxes and maybe some lettuce in a patio pot. Perhaps I will use May to focus on eating well on a small budget. That seems timely!


The book review for May is a winner. It is another book by Susie Fishbein entitled Kosher by Design Goes Light and has many wonderful recipes without meat that I can use. Last year I reviewed her wonderful Passover by Design and this one is even closer to how I eat.


Finally, May is the time of year when those of us who live through cold winters can go outside to enjoy walking and putter in our back yards to garden. The change of seasons always fills me with a kind of renewal. So let’s use May as a stepping stone to a wonderful second half of 2009, hoping that our new president can deliver on his promises and that we can deliver on living more ecologically.


The blue in these petunias was so intense I had to capture the color on film.

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