March 2009: The Lion & the Lamb


Note: This month marks three full years of posting my blog. Please go to the Welcome Page for my thoughts on my third anniversary and another photo taken during today’s (March 2nd) storm.

The expression, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” is absolutely true today. As I write this, the ground is covered with snow and the wind is creating small drifts. (I feel so lucky to have a warm place to live and sleep when there are homeless people sleeping on grates in the street.) I took this picture of the area in front of the lobby of our building. Because the sky was so gray, the photo looks almost black and white, even though my digital camera was set for color photos.

What else is happening in March besides the cold and snowy weather covering the east coast? First, March 8th is International Women’s Day. If you go to, you can find many sites about this celebration. This photo from one site is in Washington, DC. Sadly, I am not sure why we don’t celebrate this day more actively locally, but I am open for suggestions. (Maybe for next year I will make a celebration.) However, I noted this statement on one website: “Barack Obama has stacked competent women around him at all levels of the administration, not just at the top level but also at the second and third layers. Three of the fifteen members in his Cabinet are women.” That’s good news!

March is also National Nutrition Month with its emphasis on eating better for better health. I recently heard a talk by Dr. Susan Silberstein, whose book, Hungry for Health, I will be posting as the review for this month. (See the picture of the cover below.) Dr. Silberstein mentioned that instead of the suggested “Five Servings of Fruits & Vegetables” each day, that number is now 13! As a fresh food enthusiast, that does not seem too daunting to me, but for those Americans who eat perhaps a small salad each day, smothered in dressing, this could put them in a panic. Hopefully, the recipes I post are not too daunting and you are preparing one or two occasionally for your own good nutrition.


Early March also heralds the famous Philadelphia Flower Show. This year’s theme is Bella Italia, so there should be much to admire and plenty of flowers, gardens, and arrangements to photograph. The picture below is from the first flower show I attended three or four years ago. It was spectacular and this one promises to be even more spectacular!


As for recipes, this week I plan to feature Hamantaschen, a tasty dessert to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim. “The Book of Esther” in the Bible tells the story of how Purim came to be celebrated. Haman, the villain, wore a three-cornered hat; thus, the Purim “cakes” are three cornered and stuffed with jam and nuts, as pictured below on my cookie sheet. (Not sure what the other recipes will be yet, but I will plan to be cognizant of the fact that this is National Nutrition Month. Actually, I strive to make all my recipes fit into the profile of good nutrition.)

Finally, as I was working on this page, my husband noted that a flock of robins and other birds were perching high up in the tree outside our living room window. I grabbed the camera and took this photo. Winter can sometimes be beautiful in its brevity of texture and color. The photo sparked this question:

Where do birds go if they don’t fly to warmer weather?
On a tree outside our window, these birds of a feather
Flocked together, perched quietly against a wintry sky.
Do they prefer the breeze blowing through the trees?
If so, I don’t know why….


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