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My friend Jackie, who reads my blog, sent this tidbit in after my posting on Mangoes. Thanx, Jackie!

“A Rare Reaction to Mangoes” from The Philadelphia Inquirer

In response to a recent Food Section feature on mangoes, loyal reader N.B. wrote to warn that the fruit has the potential to cause allergic reactions.
While reported cases are rare, he notes that anyone highly allergic to a either poison ivy or poison oak is susceptible.
The cause, based on studies reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, lies in the sap of the mango skin. It contains oleoresins that cross-
react with similar substances in poison ivy and poison oak. Exposure to mango skins or juice can cause extreme itching or a rash. Even secondary exposure by touch can cause contact dermatitis. From experience, N.B. offered this solution:
“For many years my wife has cut the mango into little pieces, which I eat with a spoon, which causes me very few problems.”
— Marilynn Marter

My sister-in-law also sent me an article and recipe on mangoes. If I can obtain permission to reprint the recipe, I will do so in a future posting. Thanx, Carol

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