Mama & the Tapas, cont’d

A  few days ago I posted information about tapas or small plates to be used over the holiday week-end. ( I decided to make some that would also qualify as appetizers, and the list I made was tentative. Today and my next posting will have what I actually create.  Some have no amounts, just ingredients, because the amounts are at your discretion.

Herbal Marinated Olives

1-2 cups pitted olives (I used kalamata)
olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar (2:1)
One or two garlic cloves, minced
Sprigs of fresh herbs (sweet marjoram, oregano, thyme, etc.)

Place all the ingredients in a deep bowl and refrigerate for a few days.
Strain and serve.


Skewered Veggies & Cheese

Olives (use marinated recipe above or plain olives)
Cherry or grape tomatoes
Medium-hard cheese choice
Small crescent of onion 
Basil leaf

Place each on a short skewer in any order. I like onion crescent to start and then mix ‘n match.

Daikon Cucumber Crunch

organic cucumber slices (with skins)
carrot slices
Daikon radish slices
Small pieces of seaweed (I used wasabi flavored nori)

Slice cucumber into rings about 1/2 inch thick and carrot about 1/3 inch thick
Place cucumber slice on bottom, piece of seaweed next, daikon radish next,
then seaweed and finally slice of carrot on top. Eat in one bite!

Mushroom Pate aka Mock Chopped Liver

This tapa takes the most time (about 30 minutes) and needs more exact measurements, although there is some leeway in amounts*, depending on your taste preferences.

8 oz. of washed, trimmed and cut green beans, approximately one cup
one cup water or soup stock
one garlic clove, minced
one small onion, peeled and sliced thinly for frying
1/2 onion peeled and sliced to use raw
8 oz. of washed and sliced mushrooms, approximately one cup
1 cups ground walnuts
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
salt &pepper to taste
rye bread triangles or crackers of your choice
radish slices

Sauté sliced onions, mushrooms and garlic in a large fry pan in 2-3 tablespoons olive oil.
Simmer trimmed and cut green beans in saucepan for about 5 minutes.
While these items are cooking, grind walnuts in coffee grinder or blender and slice 1/2 of the second onion.
When mushrooms and onions are cooked (with onions beginning to caramelize) and green beans are drained, start adding all the ingredients into a food processor, in small batches: onion/mushroom/garlic mix, walnuts and raw onion.
Place each well-processed batch into a large bowl. Mix well, adding salt and pepper to taste. Chill.
Right before serving, spread paté onto bread triangles or crackers and top with a small radish slice. Enjoy!

Note: You can increase or decrease the amount of onion or nuts or green beans, according to your preference.  But I do suggest you  keep at least the one cup of nuts to help the mixture stay together.


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