Maine Memories: Part One

Right before going on our “ship trip” to Maine on the Heritage Schooner, I came across a poem I had written when I worked as a bed & breakfast cook at the Noble House in Bridgton, Maine off and on in the mid to late nineties. I realized that one reason I liked the idea of going on the schooner was that I fell in love with Maine when I worked there so many years ago. My love affair with Maine has been expanded since our trip last week, which I will share in the next installment.

Since my experience at the B & B was so positive, I am posting a picture of the Noble House Inn taken on the last full day of our trip. Since it is near Portland, we visited the day we flew back and met the new owner, Cindi Hooper, who gave us a tour of the updated inn, with all the amenities anyone would desire. The inn is across the street from lovely Highland Lake. Here is the information to contact the inn and a photo my husband took as we were leaving.

Noble House Inn –, 81 Highland Rd, Bridgton, ME 04009
E-mail: Telephone: 888-237-4880      207-647-3733

Below is the poem I wrote my first time at the Noble House when I was the cook. The names are people on the staff. Jane and husband Dick were the owners; Maria is Dick’s mom and Jon is one of the sons . My youngest daughter Basha, then a teen-ager, worked as one of the housekeepers  Paul and Carol are my brother and sister-in-law who came to visit and help us get back home to PA.



Time stood still my month in Maine
At Noble House with Dick and Jane
Up at six to breakfast make:
fruit, eggs & upside down blueberry cake

Shopping trips to Portland; bagels by the bunch.
Making fresh granola, early morning crunch.
Fruit & veggie earrings to put me in the mood.
Breakfast buffet-style; how they loved the food!

Basha doing laundry; Doris changing sheets;
Maria to the P.O. Jane, all the guests she greets.
Weeding the herbal garden; heart-shaped, lined with stones.
Planting a patch of veggies, all organically grown.

Time stood still my month in Maine
at Noble House I felt totally sane!
Going off to Norway or maybe to Mexico
Poland, Paris & Naples—All in Maine, you know.

Boating on the lake with Dick our sailor-guide.
Watching Jon on water skis. Oh, boy, how he could glide!
Swimming in the water to an island we did tread;
Paradise I call it; to Life I’m surely wed.
A farewell Bar-B-Q, with Paul & Carol there.
Food & fun & laughter; such joy was in the air

Time stood still that month in Maine–
magic moments like gentle rain.
Don’t look back; just savor it all—-
Memories to cherish through winter, spring and fall.

P.S. Cindi, the owner, is sending me a recipe from her own cookbook that she uses at the inn. I will post that after I receive it. I may also have a recipe from when I was the cook, and if I find the booklet, I will post a recipe.

9 thoughts on “Maine Memories: Part One

  1. Makes my mouth water, my travel lust piqued, and my pleasure knowing that you had such a wonderful, memory-filled time. Hugs

  2. Noble House looks lovely. Great to be able to express your feelings through such meaningful

  3. I too love Maine. It is Paradise…especially to be near any water. Thanks for the memories.

  4. We visited Maine when I was a child, Mt. Desert Island was our destination then, the Anemone Cave,
    which we later took our children too when they were young, but it’s closed now because of the damage done. We lived in New Hampshire for ten years, so Maine was our next door neighbor, we too treasure
    our time spent there as well as you do. Maine does have loveliness to sell, and memories to render.

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