Lunar Calendar

Cover for the 2012 Lunar Calendar

Every couple of years I like to feature the Lunar Calendar, one of my favorites. Still time to order for a year long Christmas gift, or as the postcard announcing the new calendar says: Give the Joy of Many Moons! This unique calendar uses the cycles of the moon instead of the traditional blocked calendar with boxes for days of the month.

How to order: Call, write, or email with your complete name & shipping address; include check, money order, VISA or Master Card in the appropriate amount. Timely, worldwide delivery. Still only $23. with $6.50 shipping & handling for 1-3 calendars.

Top reach the Luna Press, go to:

Luna Press
P.O.Box 15511
Kenmore Station
Boston, MA 02215-0009

Call: 617-327-8000

The motto of Luna Press is: Time Flies! Look up!

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