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Almost 30 years ago, when our natural foods store was still a retail business, before it became a wholesale sprouting operation, I met Viktoras Kulvinskas, a long lanky young guy with lots of energy. He was co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston with Ann Wigmore. He developed his lifestyle of raw foods and sprouting, which he still practices today. You can check out his website:

When he came to our home for a visit on his way to the Rainbow Family Gathering in New Mexico, he invited me along for the trip. And was it ever a trip. We drove in a van with drivers rotating every few hours and never stopped overnight.
When we did take a break, the food was all raw. One of the other travelers was a young woman named Marcia, who kept a journal of the trip and eventually wrote a book on raw foods.

On top of the van Viktoras was growing sprouts for the gathering. Unfortunately, they spoiled before we arrived, but undaunted, he started germinating the seeds at the gathering so we could have sprouts all week.He grew them in burlap sacks and watered them by dipping them bags the stream near our campsite and hanging them from limbs to dry and sprout.

During that week of nothing but raw foods, I lost five pounds, had no cramps when my menses arrived, and felt like a new person. Viktoras’ book, Love Your Body, embraces all that I learned on my journey, and more.

While his book is only about 85 pages long, but it is packed with healthy information that will change your attitude about food forever, if you try some of his suggestions. He calls raw foods “unfired foods” and claims that the more than 5000 items in the supermarket are processed so much that they can be categorized as “non-foods.”

About half of the book is devoted to very simple recipes, which I call “unrecipes,” since they really require very little preparation, except for the growing of sprouts and grasses, many of which are now available in health food stores. Here’s a sample recipe, which I watched him prepare on another occasion in New Jersey when I attended one of his workshops.
The recipe format is the same as is in his book.

Beet Treat

3 medium beets (red) 1/4 cup water
1/2 c. safflower oil 2 oz. lime juice
2 tsp. kelp 1/2 tsp. honey

Shred beets in food processor. (He suggests #3 blade or hand grater.) Place one cup of the shredded beet, including unshredded portion, in the blender or processor with the remaining ingredients. Blend to a creamy consistency. Pour this source over the rest of the shredded beets and mix in. If in preparing sauce, you find it has a strong beet taste, add more lime juicec or oil.
Variations: Add one small carrot to blender to produce pink sauce, replace lime and honey with pineapple; replace water with tomato; mix Spanish onion, diced very fine, or chives with shredded beets.

Love Your Body
is available from both and Barnes & Noble used books at very reasonable prices. (Under $10.)

5 thoughts on “Love Your Body by Viktoras Kulvinskas

  1. years ago I had a copy of Love your body, but now, a tornado & 3 moves later, it seems to be missing & I’d like very much to purchase another copy but cannot find where to do that.
    Amazon seems to have copies for $50-$100 + shipping, but my only income is social security now & that doesn’t go as far as you’d imagine.

    Can you help me find a copy?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Pat Turner

  2. I also lost many books in one of my 28 moves.Love Your Body was one of them. I checked both Amazon & Alibris & the prices are out of sight. If I come across one that’s reasonable, I will buy it and then copy it for you. es

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