LOVE is in the Air: February 2015

Big LOVE scuplture in Center City Philadelphia, a lovely sight I see often.  Robert Indiana’s sculpture/statue was erected in 1976, so it is almost 50 years old.

I met my (second) husband Alan two days before Valentine’s Day in 2003 inPhiladelphia, so this holiday has special significance for  me, since he called me after our first date to wish me Happy Valentine’s Day. So this month will have some sentimental postings, such as rhymes about love, books about love, love of self and others, late love (my specialty!) and what is love anyway?

Of course, February has other holidays such as Ground Hog Day, Black History Month, National Cherry Month, and a slew of bizarre days on (Ex. Feb. 4th is Thank a Mailman Day. How about Mailwomen? Don’t they count?)

I forgot that February is also heart healthy month, so I will post something about healthy hearts. Thanks to my classmates Paula & Mary Lou for the reminder! Also, Feb. 6th is Wear Red Day. Here is info from the It’s not just a man’s disease. Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in 3 women, yet it’s 80% preventable.

Help us raise awareness to end this killer of women.

Make a change on National Wear Red Day and all year long!

This key chain is one of the items in the Go Red store. Click on their website and you can shop @ the store.

  1. Wear Red to show your support for saving women’s lives
  2. Show us how you Go Red on your social media profiles using #GoRed
  3. Donate to help raise funds for awareness and research

One love book I definitely want to make you aware of is Where Have I Been All My Life? by local author Cheryl Rice.

I went to her book signing and presentation and was blown away by the raw truth of her memoir as she read several pages.

This book would fall under the category of self-love.

For Kitchen Nutrition, I will see if I can find whip up some interesting recipes using red/dark red/purple foods, such as red bell peppers, beets, purple cabbage/radicchio, etc. to brighten up your winter dishes. Here is a photo of my baked beet soup that I will post this month.

(Baked) Red Beet Soup

Because of my positive predisposition toward Valentine’s Day, I wild post some my “love rhymes” I have written to the men in my life I met when I was single for 13 years after my divorce. I may also post some rhymes I wrote during my divorce to show you the contrast, as well as love rhymes for family & friends.  Here’s one I penned for this Home Page:

LOVE is in the air
Show someone you really care
With chocolates and flowers
For love has wonderful powers

to heal or hurt in a single glance 
So why not just get up & dance
to celebrate love of every kind,
for the heart is stronger than the mind.

LOVE is everywhere
Not just in the air
But in the sky & someone’s arms
Let love weave its magic charms.


3 thoughts on “LOVE is in the Air: February 2015

  1. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to celebrate love in its many manifestations starting with love
    of a husband and wife trickling down to their children, for all the wonderful people in our loves,
    and even something special for our pets. Clearly you have a wonderful reason to celebrate this date,
    and I enjoyed reading your poem. It is also “heart” month as Dave’s cardiologist reminds us every year,
    and I’m certain others do as well. The well-being of the heart is not as easily diagnosed in women
    for their symptoms of a heart attack are not as well defined as men, and fewer physicians recognize
    when a woman is at risk. How many died unnecessarily because their complaints may have been glossed over. Thanks for the recipes.

  2. Love February for my birthday, amythest, violets, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day — for the history, etc., but I can do without the complications of bad winter weather. There’s deep meaning to that last part. Love to all for everyday of the year. Remember to wear red on Valentine’s Day for heart health.

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