LION, the Movie: A Must See!


Dev Patel and me after the movie, here and below.

Before leaving for California, I posted what I thought were all the postings until I returned over the weekend. But I did not count on going with my husband to a preview with Jay, my son-by-marriage and his partner, Ignacio, a voting member of the Academy Awards. So we went to the theater used for previews (Academy of Motion Pictures) and watched a new movie called Lion.

The movie is based on a book by a young man born in India and adopted by a couple from Tasmania,an island off Australia.The book is called  A Long Way Home and tells the story of the author, Saroo Brierly, first as a young boy played by a precious and precocious Indian youngster Sunny Pawar and then as a 25-year old man living in Australia, played by the dashing Dev Patel.

A seemingly small event triggers memories of the author’s mother and family back in India, and using Google Earth and weeks and weeks of searching, he finds the town in which he was born and returns to look for his mother, brother, and sister. I cried during the last half of the movie, because it was so tender and touching, so sad and beautiful, all at the same time.

After the movie, which also highlights the plight of lost children of India, the author of the book and his Hollywood counterpart, Dev Patel, star of Slumdog Millionaire, Exotic Marigold Hotel movies, and Infinity (another great movie based on a true story) now on Netflix, spoke onstage and then greeted movie goers at the reception where I met Dev Patel, saw the young boy and the author.

Ignacio had met the stars earlier in the month and he took me to where Patel was greeting fans and also took my picture. What Ignacio did not capture was the kiss on the cheek I gave Dev Patel, because he reminded me of my grandson, Max, but with a beard and I thought he was delightful to talk with.  Oh, what a night!!! Thank you, Ignacio


Talking with Dev Patel, a lovely young man and wonderful actor.

This is a must-see movie that will be in local theaters soon and it is one not to miss. Similarly, I recently saw Queen of Katwa, a movie also based on a true story of a young girl from Africa who lives with her family in poverty and becomes a master at chess. Both are uplifting as well as heartbreaking, but worth the tears! It is definitely one that will win some Oscars. To learn more about the lost children in India, go to  Oh, yes, bring tissues!

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